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My Personal Tagline: Do More

Have you ever thought about a personal tagline that represents your outlook on life?  Brands have taglines so why don’t you?  I recently had to give this some thought for an internship application I was doing.  What did I come up with for my personal tagline?  Do more.

[vi video=”62530115″ width=”560″ height=”340″ /]


  1. The video turned out great! What program did you use to create it? 
    As frustrating as it is sometimes that public relations hiring agents are looking for more than just resumes and cover letters, I have to be honest in that I have had some job applications that are really enjoyable. Any application that is looking for me to be creative gets pushed to the top of my list. The thinking? If they want to know I can be creative when I apply, they likely are in need for someone to hit things out of the park with creativity. What’s the most fun job application you’ve had to fill out?

    • kmkeidan Hey there!  Thanks for your nice comments.  I used Adobe Premiere to create it.  Looking back, the audio really did not turn out well.  But… limited time and resources unfortunately.  
      I agree that being creative on job apps is great… being able to express yourself and push yourself.  Definitely Ketchum has been the most fun… other than that they have all been really standard.

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